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Latest PICK 2 Results


DateNumbersWildTop Prize
Mar 29, 20239 6 9$50.00
Mar 28, 20232 6 2$50.00
Mar 27, 20238 9 5$50.00
Mar 26, 20231 3 5$50.00
Mar 25, 20235 5 2$50.00


DateNumbersWildTop Prize
Mar 29, 20238 7 2$50.00
Mar 28, 20238 1 4$50.00
Mar 27, 20232 0 0$50.00
Mar 26, 20231 0 8$50.00
Mar 25, 20236 7 8$50.00

About PICK 2

PICK 2 is a fun and popular game offered by the Pennsylvania Lottery, it has multiple ways to win and exciting prizes. The PICK 2 game has Day and Evening draws, 7 days per week. The maximum prize amount for the PICK 2 game is $50 for the base game or $30 if the Wild Ball is used. Drawings for the "Day" game are held every day at 1:35 PM, while the "Evening" numbers are drawn at 6:59 PM respectively. Both the Day and Evening game draws can be watched on television or streamed online.

The PICK 2 Day and the PICK 2 Evening games share the same rules, odds, parameters and prize amounts. The only difference is the time of day in which they are drawn.

How to Play PICK 2

To play PICK 2, a player chooses between 1 and 5 "panels" on their payslip. Each panel can be considered as a "play" or "game". On each panel selected, a player can choose any 2 digit number between 00 and 99, or they can use the "Quick Pick" option to have the computer randomly select numbers for them.

Play Type

Next, a player needs to select their play type. There are six play types as listed below.

Straight Play

To win a "Straight" play, players need to match both digits in exact order. This is one way to win the top prize of $50.

Box Play

To win a "Box" play, a player needs to match both digits in any order. This wins $25.

Front Digit

To win a "Front Digit" play, players need to match the first digit exactly. This wins $10.

Back Digit

To win a "Back Digit" play, players need to match the last digit exactly. This wins $10.

Super Straight

To win a "Super Straight" play, players need to match their numbers in all possible "Straight" plays. This wins $50.


A player can win on both a "Straight" and a "Box" play at the same time. This wins $50 for the Straight, and $25 for the Box respectively.

Wild Ball

The "Wild Ball" is an addon for PICK 2. While the game rules and logic remains the same, the prize amounts for Wild Ball wins are lower, since it greatly increases a players odds of winning by allowing the player to replace any number from their base play with the Wild Ball.

The prize amounts for Wild Ball wins are shown below.

  1. Straight - $30.
  2. Box - $15.
  3. Front Digit - $10.
  4. Back Digit - $10.
  5. Super Straight - $30.

Where to Play PA PICK 2

PICK 2 can be played at any PA Lottery retailer in Pennsylvania, additionally it can be played online at the official pailottery.com website.

next draw: March 31, 2023

Frequently asked questions

Our most popular questions about PICK 2 PA.

How much is PICK 2 per play?

Engaging in the PICK 2 game from the Pennsylvania Lottery costs just $1 per play. This budget-friendly entry fee allows lottery enthusiasts to enjoy an entertaining gaming experience with the potential for appealing cash prizes without breaking the bank.

What is PICK 2?

PICK 2 is a thrilling daily lottery game offered by the Pennsylvania Lottery. Players select two digits from 0 to 9, aiming to match the randomly drawn numbers in the exact order to win cash rewards. With multiple ways to play, PICK 2 appeals to a wide variety of lottery fans.

What are the odds of winning PICK 2?

The odds of winning the top PICK 2 prize depend on the chosen play type. For a straight play, where players match both digits in the exact order, the odds are 1 in 100. Other play types offer different odds, making PICK 2 an enticing game for those seeking lottery excitement.

What is the top prize in PICK 2?

The top prize for PICK 2 in the Pennsylvania Lottery varies based on the play type and wager amount. For a $1 straight play, the top prize is $50. Players can win different amounts with alternative play types, creating diverse opportunities for enticing winnings.

How do you win PICK 2?

To win PICK 2, players must match their selected two-digit number to the drawn number in the exact order. With multiple play types, such as straight and box, players have various ways to win cash prizes. Consistent play and well-chosen numbers can enhance the chances of winning.

How does PICK 2 work?

In PICK 2, players choose two digits from 0 to 9 and select a play type. The Pennsylvania Lottery draws a two-digit number daily. If a player's chosen number matches the drawn number based on the selected play type, they win a cash prize, making PICK 2 an enjoyable lottery game option.

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