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Powerball Winning Numbers

DateNumbersPowerballPower PlayJackpot
Wed. May 31, 202302 04 54 61 62 143$239,000,000.00
Mon. May 29, 202321 33 35 62 64 242$226,000,000.00
Sat. May 27, 202324 38 39 48 56 042$211,000,000.00
Wed. May 24, 202312 21 44 50 58 263$190,000,000.00
Mon. May 22, 202309 38 48 52 68 254$179,000,000.00

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next draw: June 4, 2023

Frequently asked questions

Our most popular questions about Powerball IL.

Is it legal to play the Illinois Lottery online?

Yes, playing the Illinois Lottery online is absolutely legal. Illinois was among the first states to authorize online lottery sales, allowing players the convenience of purchasing tickets for various games without leaving their homes.

Do I have to live in Illinois to play the Illinois Lottery online?

While you don't need to be a resident of Illinois to play the state's online lottery, you must be physically present in Illinois when participating. This ensures that all players adhere to state laws and regulations.

What is the age requirement to play the Illinois Lottery online?

To play the Illinois Lottery online, you must be at least 18 years old. This age requirement is in place to promote responsible gambling and ensure that players have the maturity to make informed decisions about their gaming activities.

How do I check my winning numbers?

For the most up-to-date winning numbers and draw results, visit OnlineLotteries.com. This reliable source provides comprehensive information on the Illinois Lottery, making it a go-to platform for checking your potential winnings.

Does Illinois have an online lottery?

Yes, Illinois does have an online lottery. Players can purchase tickets for various games and enjoy the convenience of playing from anywhere within the state. This modern approach to lottery gaming allows for easy participation and an enjoyable experience.

How do I claim my lottery winnings in Illinois?

To claim your Illinois Lottery winnings, visit an authorized claim center, a local retailer, or the lottery headquarters, depending on the prize amount. For online winnings, the process may differ slightly; consult the lottery's official website for specific instructions on claiming online prizes.

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