Sunshine State Visitor Bags $4M Lottery Prize in Massachusetts

By: Online Lotteries

CHICOPEE, Mass. — A man from Estero, Florida, who was visiting Chicopee, Massachusetts, has struck gold, winning a staggering $4 million in the Massachusetts Lottery's "$4,000,000 Platinum Jackpot" instant ticket game.

FL Man Wins $4m in MA
Florida Man Wins $4m in MA

According to the Massachusetts Lottery's official website, James Devine, the fortunate Floridian, claimed the life-changing prize on February 22. The timing couldn't have been better for James and his wife, who were in Massachusetts to celebrate the birth of their fourth grandchild with family.

The lucky ticket was purchased at Nouria, a convenience store located at 2012 Memorial Drive in Chicopee. In recognition of their role in selling the winning ticket, the retailer will receive a $40,000 bonus.

James opted for the cash option, which entitled him to a one-time payment of $2,600,000. A portion of the winnings will be spent on a brand-new golf cart, allowing him and his wife to cruise around their Florida community in style.

The "$4,000,000 Platinum Jackpot" is a popular $10 scratch ticket offered by the Massachusetts Lottery. As the name suggests, the game boasts a top prize of $4 million, with several other smaller cash prizes available to players. The game offers a thrilling opportunity for participants to try their luck and potentially walk away with a fortune.

James's remarkable win serves as a reminder that sometimes, luck can strike when you least expect it. As a visitor from Florida, James likely never anticipated that his trip to Massachusetts would yield such a windfall. His heartwarming story has captured the imagination of many, inspiring a sense of hope and optimism in these challenging times.

In light of his incredible luck, James may very well consider Massachusetts his new lucky charm. Whether he continues to play the lottery or not, one thing is for certain: his life, and that of his family, has been forever changed by this fortuitous event.

So, to all the lottery enthusiasts out there, keep playing and trying your luck. After all, you never know when fortune might smile upon you, just as it did for James Devine in Chicopee, Massachusetts.