Colorado Lottery Reaches GOCO Funding Cap, Setting a New Record

By: Online Lotteries

The Colorado Lottery has set a new record this year, reaching the funding cap for Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) earlier than ever before. According to the Lottery, they will give $75,706,639 in proceeds to GOCO to fund parks, recreation, conservation, and open space projects across the state.

Colorado Lottery

The rapid pace of reaching the funding cap was attributed to several factors, including the two billion-plus jackpots from Mega Millions and Powerball, a combined billion-dollar dueling jackpot, growth in Scratch product sales, and Colorado Lotto+ jackpots of over $14 million.

Tom Seaver, the director of the Colorado Lottery, expressed his excitement about the funding that will be available for GOCO's work but also acknowledged the need to grow the Lottery's revenue to support other beneficiaries like the Building Excellent Schools Today Fund (BEST) and the Outdoor Equity Fund.

After reaching the GOCO funding cap, Lottery funds will be directed towards the BEST Fund. The Lottery is committed to responsibly growing its revenue and supporting various projects and initiatives across the state.